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Publishers tell COREPER: agree to negotiate a workable Publisher’s Neighbouring Right or condemn consumers to a future of news experienced through the lens of Google

With Google still shouting from the rooftops that it will cut news publishers off at the knees if an EU Publisher’s neighbouring right is adopted, one should not be More

Published | 12 December 2018

Press titles across Europe mobilise for a publishers’ right to boost professional journalism

EMMA and ENPA welcome the mobilisation of newspapers across Europe in the context of the ongoing EU copyright reform which would grant press publishers with an exclusive More

Published | 29 November 2018

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ENPA is an international non-profit organization representing publishers of newspaper and news media on all platforms. ENPA is working on a number of areas of European policy and legislation which are essential for the effective day-to-day running of operations of local, regional and national newspapers.

In a rapidly changing media environment, ENPA supports publishers with the aim of achieving a successful and sustainable future for independent news media in Europe.