Search & Information Industry Association

SIINDA is the leading European based non-profit association bringing together companies in the search (digital, mobile, print, vertical directories and platforms), information, and telecommunication sectors as well as businesses providing “on demand” services. They have global members from Asia to Latin America and from Africa to Australia. They provide a wide range of member services from market research to conferences and summits. They are a resource forum where complementary market segments in search and information can connect, share, and grow. Their aim is to  foster the development of positive, ongoing partnerships. They keep their members up to date with the latest market trends, technical developments, and critical legislation that might affect businesses. They also provide a platform where seed level start-up’s can mix with industry leaders. The worldwide network of members fosters the exchange of ideas and the encouragement of partnerships.

The Press Database and Licensing Network

The Press Database and Licensing Network (PDLN) joins companies and organisations, owned or controlled by publishers, working in the field of licensing articles from newspapers and periodicals and/or providing digital articles for electronic press reviews and acting according to their national copyright regulations for the beneficial interests of the publishers.

PDLN was founded in 2008 by companies from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland and UK. PDLN members currently represent over 5.000 newspapers and magazines from 12 different countries.

The PDLN network aims to protect and promote the interest of publishers in the digital age in relation to press cutting and media monitoring services. Its members want to encourage the development of simple and efficient market solutions to the problems associated with international access to high quality press content and the legal secondary utilization of this content.

Alliance of independent Press Councils of Europe

AIPCE is a loose network of independent content regulators for both press and broadcast media. Its annual conferences provide a forum for Media and Press Council representatives to discuss topical issues, to exchange ideas and to offer and receive advice.

World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers

The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers, or WAN-IFRA, is the global organisation of the world’s press, representing more than 18,000 publications, 15,000 online sites and over 3,000 companies in more than 120 countries.

The organisation serves as a world-wide platform for the exchange of ideas, information and experiences among its members and other participants in the news publishing industry.

Federation of European Publishers

FEP is an independent, non-commercial umbrella association of book publishers associations in the European Union. FEP represents 26 national associations of book publishers of the European Union and of the European Economic Area. FEP is the voice of the great majority of publishers in Europe.

European Publishers Council

The EPC is a high-level group of Chairmen and CEOs of European media corporations actively involved in multimedia markets spanning newspaper, magazine, book, journal, internet and online database publishers. Many EPC members also have significant interests in commercial television and radio.

European Magazine Media Association

EMMA is a non-profit organization based in Brussels. Its mission is to promote and protect the interests of European magazine publishers vis-a-vis the Institutions of the European Union: the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council. The main aim of EMMA is to ensure a long-term survival and prosperity of a plural, diverse and economically successful magazine publishing industry in the EU.