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Luxembourg Newspaper Publishers' Association


The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is home to numerous newspapers and periodicals, whose mission is to enrich the political debate, and economic and cultural development.

The Luxembourg Newspaper Publishers’ Association was established in 1983. After the Second World War a Union was established, defending the interests of four dailies that time. The ALEJ is very active on the European and international level from its origins among the trainers of the International Federation of Newspaper Publishers (FIEJ) in 1948, and the Community Associations of Newspaper Publishers (CAEJ) in 1961.

Four publishers in Luxembourg are currently members of ALEJ: Saint-Paul Luxembourg SA (Luxemburger Wort, La Voix du Luxembourg), Editpress Luxembourg SA (Tageblatt, Le Quotidien), SA Zeitung (Zeitung) and Publishing Journal Lëtzebuerger SA (Lëtzebuerger Journal).

The Association aims to:

  • develop cooperation between the partners in the field of common interests, especially by the confrontation of views, information exchange and joint studies; 
  • represent its members in joint press organisations, private or public, national and international competitions and against third parties, governments and organisations including;  
  • defend the moral and material interests of the press information; 
  • raise awareness of the press Luxembourg enhancing their social and economic role; 
  • promote support press in the advertising sector.


c/o Tageblatt
44 rue du Canal
4050 Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
Tel: +352.54.71.31
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